SGA Endorses Evaluations of Teaching Assistants

On February 5, 2013, the Student Senate at Western Kentucky University officially endorsed a draft policy that has been circulating through the University community.

Resolution 2-13-S, entitled ‘Resolution to Endorse Draft Policy 1.3070 “Evaluations of Student Teaching Assistants”’ was passed unanimously by the Student Senate and later approved by the Executive Cabinet.  The policy creates a uniform procedure for the evaluation of undergraduate and graduate students with a role in the classroom.

“There has been a growing need for this policy for some time now,” Cory Dodds, SGA president, said. “We’ve all heard the horror stories when a student signs up for a class only to be taught by a less than effective teaching assistant.”

Dodds stressed that this is not intended as an attack on graduate students.

“This policy ensures that students on both sides of lectern are getting a fair shake.  Our teaching assistants are likely pursuing a career in education or academia, and this policy simply ensures that they are encourage to grow as an instructor.”

Dodds and the SGA Executive Cabinet worked with Gordon Emslie, provost and vice president for academic affairs, in drafting the policy.  It has been distributed to the academic deans and department heads for comments.  It is on track to be presented to the University Senate in March.

Click here to read R2-13-S – Evaluations of Student Teaching Assistants.

About SGA: Led by President and Student Regent Cory Dodds, the Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University is an organization committed to the advocacy of every student that enters and subsequently exits WKU.  SGA believes that each student has a vital opinion and voice, and the organization is fully committed to serving these students.




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