Dine with Decision Makers set for Dec. 5

What is Dine with Decision Makers?
Dine with Decision Makers entails leaders and college students dining together on WKU’s Bowling Green campus. At the event, students and guests are encouraged to discuss their backgrounds as well as current events. After the meal, students and guests are encouraged to attend a Hilltopper basketball game against Southern Illinois.

Who is commonly invited?
Elected and appointed officials are commonly invited to attend the event in Bowling Green. Student guests must register for the dinner. The event is free for WKU students.

When is the event?
Wednesday, December 5 (5:30 p.m. Central)

Where is the event?
The event will be held in the Kentucky Room of the Kentucky Museum.

Who is attending?
A number of influential leaders will be in attendance. Past visitors include Sec. Trey Grayson, Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, Justice William Cooper, Mayor J.J. Duvall of Radcliff, Mayor Elaine Walker of Bowling Green, Mayor Rhonda Trautman of Glasgow, Mayor Tim Walker of Elizabethtown, and members of the Kentucky General Assembly like C.B. Embry, Michael Meredith, Jody Richards, Wilson Stone and Mike Wilson.

Why does the Student Government Association sponsor the event?
Student governments throughout the Commonwealth host Listen Up Legislators events to foster discussion between college students and elected leaders. WKU’s SGA hosted the inaugural event in Dec. 2009 to encourage a friendly environment for both parties. Dine with Decision Makers allows attendees to converse during a meal and share the excitement of a WKU athletic event.

Contact: Student Government Association, (270) 745-4354. SGA can also be reached at sga@wku.edu

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