SGA President Establishes Long-Term Goals Committee

At the September 4th meeting of the WKU Student Government Association, senators unanimously approved the establishment of a special long-term goals committee that will seek to identify specific needs of the WKU community. These needs will be addressed and served by the SGA. This was completed through executive action of President Cory Dodds, pursuant to clause 2.3.7 of the Constitution of the Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University.

“One of the main goals of SGA is to pursue positive change across the university,” President Dodds said. “This committee will be comprised of individuals who are sensitive to the needs of the student body. This is the audience whom we represent and advocate on behalf of.”

No less than eight members will serve on the committee, which is selected by the president. At least one member of each branch of the SGA will be appointed to serve on the committee. Additionally, the president will appoint students who are not affiliated with SGA. The selected chairperson will be responsible for presenting monthly to the Student Senate.


About SGA: Led by President and Student Regent Cory Dodds, the Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University is an organization committed to the advocacy of every student that enters and subsequently exits WKU.  SGA believes that each student has a vital opinion and voice, and the organization is fully committed to serving these students.



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