Student Government Association Adds New Web Content to Maintain Accountability with Students

In an effort to better serve the WKU community and provide useful and important information, the Student Government Association has added an “Accountability” tab of their website. This contains new content, including the fiscal year 2012-2013 SGA budget, senate legislation archive, a senate minutes archive, senate/committee attendance records, executive council minutes, and judicial council options.

Cory Dodds, president of the 2012-2013 SGA said that these updates are part of the administration’s effort to provide transparent leadership across campus.

“SGA is an organization for every WKU student,” Dodds. “It is our job to ensure that the students are satisfied with what we are doing. The additional content on the site streamlines the process for anyone who wants to read new pieces of legislation and the accompanying strategic discussions.”

Dodds campaigned for SGA president in the spring of 2012 on a platform of accountability and progress.

“Over the coming year, we will be continuing to develop new ways to make the organization more accessible.”

About SGA: Led by President and Student Regent Cory Dodds, the Student Government Association of WesternKentucky University is an organization committed to the advocacy of every student that enters and subsequently exits WKU.  SGA believes that each student has a vital opinion and voice, and the organization is fully committed to serving these students.

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